On-Site Training

Do you have a conference room, a meeting room, a lunchroom that can be a temporary classroom?  Software Assistants will provide the computer systems, software, workbooks, knowledgeable instructors - all at competitive prices. Software Assistants training pays for itself in increased productivity for your employees.


Practical exercises, hands-on practice
Workbooks provided
Instruction tailored to the participants
Relaxed learning environment
No travel time and expense for your employees.  We come to you.  


Software Assistants has provided on-site training across northern Idaho - we have taught in hospital boardrooms and rural lumber-mill lunchrooms. Our client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to self-employed individuals and retirees.  Our workshop and topic list can be modified to match particular situations.  Tell us the problem and let us work out a custom training program.

Knowledgeable Instructors
Between them, Rich and Nora Abbott have 30+ years of instruction experience.  Both have taught at the college and university level.  Both have worked with absolute novices.
Software Assistants designs its own teaching materials.  Workbooks are included with each class - workbooks that are acclaimed for ease of understanding and wealth of reference material for "memory jogging" after the class is over.
Class speed matches the needs of the participants.   We slow down for novices.  We speed up and add additional techniques for those who are ready for and want shortcuts.  We expect a range of abilities and build on the person's experience.  We respond to questions and provide as much value as possible for the time allotted.

References available upon request

Contact Information
Rich & Nora Abbott

Postal address
1093 Cedar Ridge Road, Kendrick, ID 83537 - USA
Electronic mail
General Information: pcskills@tds.net
Webmaster: nora@softwareassistants.com