Frequently Requested Topics

Introduction to the Personal Computer and its Use
Overview of the pc and common programs (word processor, spreadsheet, graphics program), fundamentals such as “What is a file?"  This is a low-stress class that will help you become more comfortable with your computer or gain confidence for computer shopping.
Windows & File Management
Beginning with an explanation of an operating system through window management, navigation, shortcuts, working with multiple programs, and file management:  where files are saved, how to copy files, delete them, rename them and move them.  How dragging can go wrong!  This is information every computer user should know.
This amazing program can help you organize your life!  Discover the wealth of tools for keeping track of people and their information, events - past and future, todo lists, and all your email.  You will wonder how you managed before!

Word Processing

Word Class #1
The basics: create, save, edit, print, cut & paste, character and paragraph formatting, navigation, tabs and tables.  Not only how to perform fundamental tasks, but why they work the way they do. If you are "filling in the gaps" in your knowledge, this offers shortcuts, tips & tricks.
Word Class #2 
Mail merging, handling graphics, more advanced table topics, page numbering, headers, footers, styles, sections, columns, templates. This class builds on the basics with essentials for anyone working with long or complex documents. 
Word, Class #3
Complex formatting, introduction to macros, form techniques.  This class addresses advanced topics such as tracking revisions, introduction to fields, melding diverse documents into a single cohesive unit, creating an index or table of contents.  
WordPerfect, Class #1
Fundamentals of word processing - create, edit, format save, and print basic documents.  Learn to manage the codes that form the basis of every document.  Discover shortcuts and elegant tricks that will make your work easier and far less frustrating.


Excel Class #1 
The basics: navigation, set up a spreadsheet, edit, copy and move data, create formulas and learn short-cuts for formulas.  Learn printing tips, formatting techniques and much more.  For the beginner or for the Excel user who knows there must be an easier way!  People who come to this class have fun and always wish they had known these things earlier!
Excel Class #2
This class builds on Class #1 with additional formula information, charting, lookup functions, the wonderful world of range names, working with dates. An excellent combination of topics to "round out" the Excel user.
Excel Class #3
Data management, scenarios, auditing, solver, goal-seeker, advanced charting, additional macro / VBA introduction.  Topics are  much more technicalthan the previous 2 classes.
Excel Problem Solving
A class designed for people who learn from examples.  Especially helpful for those who work with the same spreadsheet over time and need to add or modify the spreadsheet without "breaking" it.  Exercises will include examples of name and address lists, date use, and a potpourri of handy special-use formulas.
Quattro Pro
Spreadsheet basics for QPro users - learn to set up a spreadsheet, build formulas, edit, move, print and format your work.  Learn the toolbars shortcuts and tricks that make work easier and life less frustrating.


Access Class #1
Explanation of the fundamentals.  Create tables, forms and form controls (example: list boxes), queries, relationships and an introduction to reports.  Access is a complex program, and this class provides the foundation for learning and growth.
Access Class #2
Build an application with switchboards (screens with command buttons to open forms or print reports), learn about macros, sub-forms, more reports. Salvaging mismanaged data . A gentle intro to Visual Basic.
Using Access
Not everyone who works with Access will build forms or create relationships.  Many folks just need to know how to answer questions such as "How many widgets. . . ?" or "Which customer. . .?" or "What was the total amount. . .?"   This 4-hour class concentrates on ways of isolating desired information by using Sorting, Finding, Filtering, and select queries.  An introduction to reports is included.


 PowerPoint Class #1
This class covers everything necessary for a polished presentation.  Learn to use some of the tools packaged with the program that make life easier, such as wizards, style tools, automating the presentation and the fastest way to create a presentation when time is very short.  PowerPoint 2002 incorporates so many changes that this version is taught separately from previous versions.  
PowerPoint XP Class #2 
Become a "power- user."  Learn collaboration techniques, how to import outlines and slides and work with multiple master sheets.  Build one presentation and customize it for various audiences.  Revel in the new animation tools.
Learn how easy it is to create slide shows with Corel's presentation package.  Use the backgrounds provided with the program or create your own.  Discover how to edit graphics, include graphs, organizational charts, bulleted lists for your slides.  Class includes numerous tips and guidelines for professional presentation delivery.

Publishing & More

Desktop publishing made easy! Learn about layouts: brochures, calendars, cards and advertisements. Use graphics, art, wizards or build "from scratch."  Even the "artistically challenged" can produce professional flyers, business cards and ads. 
Desktop Publishing with Word
This covers many ways of creating non-standard documents with Word such as programs, ads, forms and raffle tickets.  Include symbols, text boxes, graphics, WordArt, watermarks and more.   
FrontPage Class #1
Introduction to web page creation.  Learn the marvelous tools of the program and discuss its shortcomings, as well.  Work with graphics.  Use templates, wizards, transitions, marquees and forms.  Learn about hyperlinks, automating email from a web, and other "tools of the trade."


Custom Concepts  
Where do you need help?  Graphics management?  Working with more than one program at a time?  Microsoft Works skills?  Understanding the Internet?  Formulas for a spreadsheet?  This is a 4-hour work period concentrating on the things that give you trouble.


There are numerous workshops, generally 2 hours long, dealing with specific tasks.  Workshop examples are Mail Merge, Excel formulas, Word Forms, Specialized Access Queries, Access Data Mining, Word Tips & Tricks, Excel Tips & Tricks.

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